The Story of Moodys...

Moody's began in 1927 when "P.B." Moody built 3 small cabins renting for $1.00 per person. In 1930 a small restaurant was opened at the entrance road to the cabins. In 1934 this little business of 18 cabins was by-passed by the new Route #1. "P.B." promptly bought land connecting the cabins to the new route, built a road, moved a small take-out stand to this location and the present Moody's Diner began.

All nine children worked in the family business: on the farm, cabins, or in the diner. Son, Alvah Moody, and son-in-law Bill Jones remained with the business as chefs and buyers until their retirement. Daughters Judy and Nancy were also involved from the 80's until the present in cooking, waitressing, and management.

At the present time, grandsons Steve Moody and Dan Beck are in management positions. There are now 31 members of the family working in various aspects of the business, many of them great-grandchildren. It is a "family tradition" in every sense of the word!

Percy, Bertha and children

Percy, Bertha and children

Alvah Moody and Bill Jones

Alvah Moody & Bill Jones

Moody's Diner and Garage

Moody's Diner & Garage